Discovering Native America Links


Book Lists

Write to these addresses and request a catalog of their currently available titles.

American Indian Books

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
5661 Airport Boulevard, Boulder CO 80301

University of Oklahoma Press

4100 28th Avenue. N.W., Norman, OK 73069-8218

Cherokee Websites

Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

The official Cherokee Nation website

History of the Cherokee

An excellent site of history, language and resources. Highly recommended

Other Native American World Wide Websites

500 Nations Program and Microsoft CD

Microsoft had produced a CD in association with TIG Productions and Kevin Costner based on the 8-hour miniseries chronicling the Native peoples of the Americas. It is now out of production. If you can find it, it is a real wealth of information. You might also consider renting or buying the video tape set for the 500 Nations series by TIG Productions. It is a beautiful and accurate work.

Microsoft Encarta

Native American Historical Facts. Search for the phrase "Native American"

Native American News

A listing of scores of tribal and organizational publications including newspapers, scholarly journals and magazines.

Native Resources

A site searchable by category (art, language, science, museums)


A site searchable by tribal name