The Long Man Effigy


I remember as a child "going to water"...

The first Cherokee word I learned to speak was ama - water. One of the very first stories I remember hearing started out with the words 'In the beginning of existence everything was water". The land on which the Cherokees would come to make their lives came from the deep of this watery space and whenever we became sick we went back to this place - the water. The Long Man is the spirit that exists in the water.

I think back to when I was small and I would hear some of the people talking about getting a water treatment. I understood what this meant- the words anyway. I understood the steps of the ritual. But I didn't understand the ritual itself until much later.

To a little boy, The Long Man was an actual man that lived in the turquoise depths. I was told he could be heard in the rumble of waterfalls and the ripple of cascades. He cleansed us physically and with the help of soft words and gentle motions he could cleanse us in a spiritual way difficult to explain. He could tell us if we were sick and who or what was making us that way.

This piece represents Long Man. The two, reverse s-shaped lines on the piece represent the banks of the river. Between the banks are islands and stones that defy the power of the river to swallow them whole. When the piece is viewed from the top, the top line's pattern forms a cross of the four directions.



The Long Man Effigy Photo

11H X 6 3/4"D

Medium: Hand coiled native clay. Pit fired.

Description: Hand polished to medium sheen. A deep terra cotta colored vessel with buff colored patterns encircling the large globe at the bottom of the piece.

Inquiries welcome concerning purchase of this signed and numbered vessel.

US $875.00