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I remember my great-grandmother's words: "We are all like the fingers of a hand. We each are free to move in any direction we choose, but yet we are all tied to each other forever." It took time and some powerful experiences to understand these words.

A family is more than blood. A family, with its invisible boundaries, is a collection of shared experiences and generational bonds that hold a group of people together. Each generation affects those that come after, in ways monumental and minuscule. Many hands weave the filter through which we see the world. Threads from the past inexplicably find themselves sewn into our present; a smile, a belief, an expression or a laugh drifts through the generations.

Our family is strong. The love we share is as much for our individual contributions as it is for the humanness of our shared ancestors. Like all families, we are no better or worse than the limits that human nature will allow.

Take a journey through the lives of a Cherokee family. Follow 6 generations 130 years into the past and back to the present.
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Faces of a People

Faces of a People

The face of the Cherokee Nation is complex. Like all people struggling to adapt and thrive, we have incorporated, adapted, assimilated and cultivated our surroundings and experiences to create a Nation of amazing diversity.

Today, when staring into the eyes of the Cherokee people, one is as likely to see eyes the color of the summer sky staring back at you as one is to see eyes the color of charcoal. We have survived to the present, with our songs and our language, our history and our culture intact.

Take a journey from the distant past to the present and look into the eyes of a nation...
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Warriors come in many shapes and forms, men and women who have given a piece of themselves usually not by design or desire but by circumstance. They have given their talent, courage and knowledge. They have shared their experiences, skills and power, expanding others concepts of Cherokee, while at the same time strengthening the foundation of the Cherokee people. They have strived to simply survive, and in doing so have made a difference.

Look into the faces of these past and present day warriors...
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We each are the product of not only our families, but our environments. These environments help create the filter through which we see the world. Take a journey to the Cherokee Nation.

See the place that my people call home...
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