It is time to start learning some vocabulary. There are two components to fluency in any language. One of these is understanding how the words of the language are put together to create sentences. The other piece comes even before this component however. You must have words in mental storage so that they can be retrieved and put into sentences. In other words you have to build up your store of words, your vocabulary. Learn these very basic words to be put in sentences later.


Black: Goh-ne-ge

Blue: Sa-ko-ne-ge

Brown: Oo-wo-di-ge

Green: I-tse-u-s-d

Red: Gi-ga-ge

White: Oo-ne-ga

Yellow: Dah-lo-ne-ge


Bird: Tsi-s-qua

Butterfly: Ka-ma-ma

Deer: A-wi

Eagle: Wo-ha-li

Horses: So-qui-li

Wolf: Wa-ya