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"We are all like the fingers of a hand. We each are free to move in any direction we choose but yet we are all tied to each other forever."

-- Quedi, 1970, my great-grandmother

"I know who I am, what I am, and what I can do or cannot do. I am a Cherokee and I am proud of it. There is no one who can take that away from me."

-- Charlie Soap, 1992

"We spend so much time shouting our opinions at each other, stressing our importance, that we can no longer hear those things which don't have to shout to be important."

-- Ken Masters, 1992
speaking at a congressional breakfast in Washington DC

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Hear Ken and other Cherokee singers performing traditional tribal songs on the Language: Songs page in the Culture area.

Touch The Past

I am an artist and create traditional Cherokee pottery. Click here to take a trip back into Cherokee mythology and views of the world.

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The Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is the second largest tribal group in the United States. Click here to go to the official tribal homepage.

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